Read this, guys. Lorrie Moore on how to be a writer.

I’m still sort of blog-hibernating, but making my way slowly out. Currently, though, I’m in the mountains of Colorado, where it’s very cold, and hibernation is what makes most sense. So, I’ll be back later, with more to say (let’s hope?), but for now, I’ll just check in, briefly, to say hello. To caution you against worrying too much about my whereabouts (which, of course, is what you MUST be doing.) To warm you with the thought that, soon enough, we shall be returned to each other once again. Here’s hoping your 2013 is everything you’ve hoped for, thus far. May it continue to be this. May we all continue to become more of what we hope to be, and to accept what we are, and our friends, and our enemies, and our pets. May we replace disparagement with encouragement. May we love each other better.




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