more like RAD-io. (yep.)

I’m realizing, even in a pretty cursory scan of my previous posts, that I severely over-use the word “creepy.” Now, I’m not here to apologize for doing so, or to promise anything like a change-in-ways (for I foresee “creepy” and I having a long and successful relationship), but I just wanted to let you know that I know. So, now that that’s cleared up, we can all move on, more self-aware but no more reassured in the prospect of a future no longer plagued by excessive creepy-ness.

So, I just did this wild “radio-tour” that started (WAY TOO EARLY) (for me) (I’m a REAL wuss) this morning and closed up proverbial shop around twelve fifteen. My brain didn’t actually click on (couldn’t find the switch. ha. ha.) until at least the third interview, and so who even knows what wilds spilled from my lips in those first wee minutes. One of my first interviewees somehow got the impression that I was some kind of award-winning front-line war-journalist, and, though I wish I could boast a career as an award-winning front-line journalist, it was certainly an odd impression to have to disabuse on live radio.  It’s also entirely possible she said something completely relevant and factual, and my own brain heard “award-winning front-line journalist,” as a sort of garden-variety wish-fulfillment scenario.  I mean, like I said…it was just…obscenely…ungodly early.

A little later on, I chatted with a delightful gentleman named Tron (for real), in Colorado Springs, and was called “freaky” by Ron, of “The Big Show,” in Boston. He just picked up on that right away, I guess. Oh, Ron.

All in all, a divinely creepy (fun)(weird)(sleepy)(interesting) morning.


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