New ink-and-gouache work (for Rhoda!)  These creatures managed to get real creepy real fast.  What’re you gonna do though, you know? When they’re in there, they’re bound to fight their creepy way out. It is their way, and I, helpless servant, must deliver them unto the world.

On a somewhat un-related note (related in the way that it makes me think of “works-in-progress) I listened to this story on Radiolab: I imagine it’s a pretty popular story, and chances are you’ve already heard it if you happen to listen to Radiolab on a consistent basis, BUT, if that’s not the case, give it a listen. The girl in this story is an artist, working her way back after an extreme accident. You might cry (which is great! get it out! You probably haven’t cried in ages!), and you will also clutch your heart and say “aww, geez,” in a very genuine way, without even realizing you’re doing it until you look down and there’s your hand, just where I said it’d be. It’s the real deal. And Radiolab has some amazing editors.

I feel like my blog is shaping up to be this ‘attempt to restore faith in humanity’ kind of thing–purely accidental, born only of my own strong need for reminders, most likely–but, this story sort of did that for me earlier. So I guess I’m continuing the streak.

Oh, and, hey. Happy New Year!


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One Response to Work-in-progress

  1. Alison T says:

    Perhaps these creatures are just misunderstood!

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